CWPPO Carroll County Ohio

CWPPO (Civil War Preservation Project of Ohio)

This project (CWPPO) was kicked off when I recovered a rare civil war trench art ring near the battle of Salineville nearly 5 years ago. The ring was embedded with rubies and can be seen amongst the photos below. The permission was 400+ acres and my crew reached 100 detectorists and support to recover and identify items recovered. My dig took place in October of 2015 over a three day weekend and my team was able to recover roughly 300 relics from this skirmish site. We were able to determine flow of forces by location of relics, such as bullets, heel plates, buttons, scabbard tips, a confederate stirrup, amongst many other interesting items. All relics were tagged and bagged for map flow turned over to the Carroll County Historical Society for preservation and display.

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